Why Every Cat Needs An Indoor Hammock

Why Every Cat Needs An Indoor Hammock

If you're a cat owner, you've probably noticed your cat gravitating towards scenic windows or (if your cat is as crazy as mine) somehow escaping the house just to sit squirrel watch.

However, due to their predatory nature, outdoor cats are more susceptible to illnesses and various injuries, which can drastically shorten your feline's lifespan.

Naturally, yes, cats are outdoor creatures but most vets do recommend against letting your cat outside as the risks do outweigh the rewards; however, this does not mean that your cat can't enjoy the benefits the outdoors has to offer.

Cat hammocks provide a happy medium between your feline's safety and their predatory instinct by giving your cat an elevated platform to hunt and stalk their prey within the safety and luxuries of your own home. This keeps your cat active and engaged throughout the day, whether you work from home or are away for most of the day. 

By giving your cat an accessible view of the outdoors, this can also limit the number of times your cat tries to runaway (as it did with mine), which is a huge bonus since 67% of runaway cats do not make it back home.

In terms of what type of cat hammock you ultimately decide to get, we highly recommend the Nymock™ Indoor Cat Hammock thanks to its durability, strength, and amazing customer support team.

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