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Scratch Away™ Cat Scratch Remover

Scratch Away™ Cat Scratch Remover

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Transform the look of your home

Save money & the environment

Damage-proof design + safe to use

Restore most fabrics from sofas to socks


Orders will be processed within 24-48 hours. Shipping times range from 5-12 days depending on location.


If you or your pet are not 100% satisfied with any of our products, simply return or exchange the item within 30-days from your delivery date - no questions asked.


We would like to extend your support to cats that need it most. $2 from every purchase will go back to helping cats in shelters and fosters in our home city of Toronto, Canada.

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Transform Your Home

The Scratch Away™ makes it easy to restore the look of cat trees, scratching posts, beds, and sofas - one swipe at a time!

Save Money

Furniture is expensive and moving it can be stressful. The Scratch Away is the easiest solution to keeping your house looking fresh, without hurting your wallet.

Safe To Use

Don't rely on sharp razors that are unsafe and can cause further damage to your items. Our honeycomb design ensures a close shave while protecting your valuable items.

Not Just For Furniture

This versatile device restores the look of your favourite clothes - making it look like the day you just bought it!


Are batteries required?

No, the Scratch Away is powered by USB, making the device extremely portable.

What type of fabrics does this work on?

The Scratch Away works on a variety of textures from cotton, polyester, wool, and sisal (cat trees / scratching posts) to velvet. Unfortunately, the Scratch Away does not work on leather.

Does this remove pet hair?

No. The scratch away simply removes any loose threads and pills caused by cat scratches or general wear and tear.

How long is the power cord?

The power cord measures approximately 120cm or 47.2" in length.

Should I remove the plastic cover on the honeycomb mesh?

Depending on the type of fabric and how close of a shave you would like, you may choose to keep or remove the clear plastic guard. We recommend shaving your fabrics with the plastic guard on first and then making your decision from there.